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Letter from the Chief Executive Officer

/Letter from the Chief Executive Officer
Letter from the Chief Executive Officer 2020-07-09T09:39:45+00:00

Letter from the Chief Executive Officer

Dear friends:

In 2019 the HLA Group continued its progressive growth and consolidation as one of the leading hospital groups in the Spanish healthcare sector. The annual report that follows goes to show that HLA Salud still upholds its leadership, its commitment to providing quality healthcare that always aims for excellence, based on the experience of its professionals and its capacity to adapt to the social and technical revolution that we have been going through for some years now.

The economic and healthcare results of the HLA Group confirm this evolution and consolidation, seeing as its turnover was 321.1 million euros in 2019, 4.2% more than in 2018. In total, the healthcare network of the Asisa Group, itself, which apart from HLA, includes other companies, centers and clinics specializing in dental health, ophthalmology, reproductive health, audiology, etc., increased its turnover by 19.4% reaching 447.9 million euros. With regard to healthcare, the HLA hospitals dealt with almost 2.4 million appointments, more than 523,000 emergencies and 77,500 hospital admissions, 143,000 surgical procedures were carried out and almost 60,000 people were assisted through the home healthcare service.

Undoubtedly, these results help strengthen our healthcare network to continue competing in a market that is becoming increasingly more complex, in which there is a gradual concentration and where the investment funds and the risk capital have an increasingly important role. The Asisa Group advocates the development of this network as being a strategic and differential element to support our model and guarantee the maximum quality healthcare for our policyholders and patients. The consolidation over the last few years endorses this strategy and it enables us to carry on advancing in the construction of this network that distinguishes us from all our competitors.

We can develop and maintain this strategy because we stick to a cooperative non-profit-making organizational and business model, which reinvests the profits to improve the healthcare available for the people who trust in our companies and in the training of our professionals. In the last decade, we have invested more than 250 million euros in the modernization, expansion and technological equipment of our hospitals and medical centers, which are now at the forefront in many areas and they are the leading private healthcare centers in many provinces where they are located. Today, the HLA Group is one of the best Spanish companies to work in, according to Forbes magazine; the hospital HLA Universitario Moncloa (Madrid) is ranked among the best 10 private hospitals in Spain and another three centers, HLA Vistahermosa (Alicante), HLA El Ángel (Malaga) and HLA Puerta del Sur (Jerez de la Frontera, Cadiz) are ranked among the best 31 by the Healthcare Reputation Monitor review, which is compiled by the prestigious consultancy firm Merco.

This recognition is thanks to the hard work and commitment of more than 5000 professionals who are part of the HLA Group, who promote a quality model of medicine every day, in which their experience and training are essential to look after people. A model that is based on the latest technology, for the diagnosis, treatment, management, the digitization to be more efficient; the standardization and the quality accreditation of our processes. In short, a responsible and sustainable model, that is committed to looking after our environment and using the resources properly.

There is detailed information about all these matters in the report that you can read to  find out a bit more about how the HLA Group is set up and what its performance was in 2019. The data contained herein is the foundations on which we will continue to grow in the future, innovating, and promoting research, developing modern, personalized, quality medicine, facing the challenges that arise to adapt and continue to be a benchmark in healthcare for people.

Dr. Enrique de Porres
Chief Executive Officer of the HLA Group